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The SBMU Research Institute for Dental Sciences has been formed of the integration of four research centers, including Dental Research Center, Endodontic Research Center, Dentofacial Deformities Research Center, and Preventive Dentistry Research Center, all located in the SBMU School of Dentistry in a lab area of 400 m² including Dental Material Lab, Cellular-Molecular Research Lab, Oral and Dental Pathology Lab, and also 100 m² of space equipped with audio-visual tools for holding scientific workshops and seminars. The RIDS’s mission involves designing, approving, initiating, and publishing research results in four areas of science including clinical dentistry, dental materials, basic dentistry sciences, and dentistry preventive researches. 

The SBMU RIDS Long-term Goals:

  1. Practicing evidence-based medicine;
  2. Developing research centers;
  3. Establishing developmental center in case adequate resources are allocated;
  4. Establishing PhD-by-research Programs 

The SBMU RIDS Short-Term Goals:

  1. Providing the least financial resources for survival;
  2. Preparing the necessary infrastructures (lab spaces);
  3. Admitting expert research human resources

Presently, the SBMU RIDS has integrated 4 research centers as follows

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